Why is Networking Important for Teachers?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Networking is so much more than just a short-term random interaction based on a one-time transaction.

I believe that networking is about intentionally developing a deep human connection by coming from a place of Care, Value and Service.

I also believe that Curiosity and Authenticity are the 2 key Turbochargers to building mutually beneficial relationships. I talk about this extensively in my soon-to-be-launched book "TurboCharged Networking"

Recently, I had the honour of sharing this with the staff and trainee English teachers from ENS Totoral College and National Technological University in Argentina. The talk was hosted and organised by my brother and very good friend Francisco Vergara. The focus of my talk was around:

. Why is networking important

. How to use networking to find employment opportunities, especially abroad

. How to develop confidence for public speaking

. How to network with students in the classroom to form meaningful professional relationships

It was an absolute pleasure to meet such inspiring minds and serve them. I do not see myself as an expert, but as a facilitator of other people's success. It's one of my Super Passions! 😇

Here are Milu, Celsa, Candela and Nora's thoughts respectively:

"I found the session useful, as it made me understand why networking is a good tool; not only for communication and links in the school environment, but also in everyday life.

At the beginning I didn't know that kind of meaning about networking, I only knew it as a work strategy; and it made me realise after listening to Tallal that when we meet other people and create links, it is also networking.

Of course I would recommend it, it was a unique and interesting experience; it would be great if other people who are or are not studying to be teachers could have the opportunity to listen to Tallal."

-Milu B (Trainee Teacher at ENS Totoral College, Argentina)

"The session with Tallal did help me because I always get nervous when I speak in public, but he made me understand that it is normal and little by little I will feel more secure. I do recommend these types of meetings because they come out of the routine but they also help us to improve our teaching journey. Thank you very much for allowing me to be a part!"

- Celsa V (Trainee Teacher at ENS Totoral College, Argentina)

"It was a good opportunity to improve in the world of networking and get out of the bubble to have a global vision of this. It was also good to know that you have to participate and have courage in the conversations that are generated. In my opinion, Networking is recommended because it helps to obtain job opportunities and to reach high-level people."

-Candela (Trainee Teacher at ENS Totoral Teacher Training College, Argentina)

"Thank you for invite us. Well, I think the session was useful because we had the opportunity to hear a person who speak English from England and Tallal spoke about what Networking is and explained in which cases we can use Networking.

Networking can help us to get a job, to connect people from another countries to learn English for example and companies can start a new business at every time. Networking allow us to communicate with people from every place. I would recommend this session to others because many people don't know or haven't heard about Networking , and what is used for."

- Nora (Trainee Teacher at ENS Totoral Teacher Training College, Argentina)

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