Is CVS your networking North Star?

The type of networking you engage in determines your success.

I believe that coming from a place of Care, Value and Service (CVS) is critical to building Human Connection and I absolutely believe that building Human Connection is the real purpose of networking.

This is because I believe that you cannot build authentic relationships without Human Connection.

By coming from a place of Care, Value and Service we can ensure that our heart, mind and spirit are in the right place.

Care, Value and Service allows us to not be transactional or salesy or that we are trying to follow a pre-set agenda.

Instead, we can be genuine, authentic and curious when we show up.

T. Harv Eker said, "How you do anything is how you do everything."

Therefore, I believe that we can't just limit the ideals of Care, Value and Service to networking for our business and careers, but we need to follow these ideals for every interaction we have in our business lives and our personal lives.

This is the hallmark of a true Master networker. Everyone they interact with leaves with more good, more positivity and more value than before they engaged in that interaction.

A saying by Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi that I absolutely treasure is that, "You must have love for the people in your heart."

I love this saying because I believe that without a deep inherent love for people, we cannot be successful in building relationships.

I translate this love for people as Care, Value and Service. This is the core message of my book 'TurboCharged Networking' and this is the guiding principle that I aim to live by every day.

Care, Value and Service is my North Star to cultivating deep authentic relationships in all areas of my life.

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