How to make your Relationships Flow - Lessons from a Podcast Interview

“The most powerful thing about networking is that it’s not a chore, it’s not a task, it’s not an exercise. It happens naturally. It happens all the time when we are talking to people. Like we are talking right now on this podcast, we are networking. Before this I was downstairs talking to my wife, we were networking. It was a natural interaction and so when you see networking as a natural part of life because we talk to people all the time and we communicate with all the people around us every single day, then networking happens naturally.”

It was the evening of Tues 26th Oct and I was being interviewed by Debrah Mowlem for her podcast “Global Business Women Organisation”.

“The difference is that a lot of people try to restrict networking to just one thing: business or sales or entrepreneurship or numbers or how are we going to get more clients. I believe that when you restrict something that happens naturally all the time to just one area, it becomes stagnant. And that’s what happens with networking, the water is not flowing any more. It’s contained to one area of your life, so it becomes stagnant. But, if you see that it happens all the time naturally, then you will see that it’s all about Human Connection. You are Building Human connection with each and every interaction that you have with you kids, your spouse, your siblings, your parents, your employees, your clients, your boss and with your neighbours. It’s through those interactions that you build those relationships further. It’s Human Connection that keeps that relationship going. And so, the focus should not be on networking for business or networking on sales because networking is a natural part of life.”

I believe that communication and relationships are constantly in flow and if we stop that flow to try and contain them to just one area, like stopping the flow of running water, they will become stagnant and toxic.

There is nothing wrong with meeting new people, building a connection and help them solve their problems or accelerate their progress with your products and services. But first, you need to spend some time getting to know them, earn their trust, show them that you care about them and you are about what they care about, and really understand their needs and their pain. This means that that the foundation of your relationship is actually the Human Connection and not a sale or some other pre-set agenda.

“So, what are the Turbochargers to building Human Connection? I believe that there are 3: Care, Value and Service. These are critical to building the Human Connection because with each and every interaction that we have, we have a choice to either make a deposit or to make a withdrawal.”

I believe that Care, Value and Service are the foundation to the mindset of building, maintaining and nurturing deep authentic relationships in our personal and business lives. This mindset needs to be a part of our identity and our goal should be to build, maintain and nurture all our relationships.

Whenever I interact with someone, I always ask myself, “What do they need from me right now? Who do they need me to be right now? How do they need me to be right now?”

My challenge to you is to ask yourself these questions every time when you talk to someone for the next 7 days. It doesn’t matter if they are your family, friends, business partners, clients, neighbours, the shop assistant, your dentist or a random person walking down the street. Ask yourself:

What does (insert name) need from me right now?”

“Who does (insert name) need me to be right now?”

“How does (insert name) need me to be right now?”

It’s like the immortal quote says, “Great relationships aren’t built in a day – great relationships are built daily.” - Annonymous.

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