Dissecting Human relationships: Behind-the-Scenes conversation with an aspiring entrepreneur

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

“What inspired you to start working on this?”, I asked.

“I was working in a busy office before and when the pandemic hit, I was forced to stay at home. Then I was off on maternity leave and I had twins, so I stayed at home for a very long period of time because there was nothing to do. I really missed connecting with people and I know that there are lots of others who have had a similar experience. I want to help them connect with others in their local community.”

On Friday, I had the first introduction call with an aspiring entrepreneur who is planning to help people who are busy professionals and have missed out on personal contact with other people due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I was fascinated and intrigued when she told me this.

“Like most founders, it seems that your business idea came from a personal need that you needed a solution for and when you found a solution you realised that it can help other people too.”

“Yes, that’s right. I really want people to start connecting again in person and start seeing each other, maybe meet some new people and start a friendship.”

“I love it! Where do you need help right now?”, I asked 'The Magic Question'.

“I guess I am not sure on what is the thing that will make people come together and keep coming back. I want them to check in daily, not just use the platform a few times, makes some friends and not come back.”

“Who is our ideal client?”, I inquired.

“Busy professionals who are used to working in teams, but have not had the chance to see other people due to the pandemic and the have missed out on the opportunity to connect and see other people.”

“I think it would be useful to go deeper and really understand who the ideal people are. I think we need to create a profile, or maybe even multiple profiles of these people. We can ask questions like: What kind of background do they have? Which industry/sector do they work in? What kind of experience do they have? What a typical day at the office with their team would look like? What are the biggest challenges that they are facing due to the pandemic? What kind of people would they usually surround themselves with? How far would they be willing to travel to connect with these people? Why would they want to surround themselves with these people and how it would benefit them? What kind of people would make them feel safe?” As I was speaking, I noticed a glint in her eyes and her eyes were glued to the screen. She had stopped blinking.

“I don’t want to say much here because we need a longer conversation to dive deeper into this, but I will share with you that we as humans want validation and that’s why we want to be around other people who are just like us so that we get the feeling to being acknowledged, accepted and understood. People want to be around others who make them feel safe and here I am talking about emotional safety. Emotional safety is critical in building and nurturing relationships in our personal lives and in our business lives. We really need to understand your ideal clients and what makes them tick so we can give them the best incentive to keep coming back”, I explained.

“Wow! I had not thought about it like that”, she remarked.

Can you relate?

When was the last time that you approached a conversation or an interaction with the mindset of creating emotional safety?

Emotional safety allows us to express ourselves freely, share ideas, collaborate, be creative and share compassion openly to build the Human Connection. We are able to connect deeply only when we feel safe and relaxed.

I believe that creating emotional safety is a universal mindset that we need to cultivate in order to create lasting relationships with people in our personal lives, and in our professional and business lives.

I am planning to jump on a call with (let’s call her Nina) next week to discuss this further and to help her get clarity, set the vision and determine the strategy on how to move forward.

I am curious to know, what are you doing to create emotional safety in your families and in your work teams?

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