Connecting at a Human Level: Behind-the-Scenes Conversation with a Start-up Founder

“I am sorry, this is not very professional”, she said wiping away the tears and trying to compose herself.

“Professionalism is not important right now. Right now, it’s important to be human. This is what being human means. You have made a breakthrough. Tell me how you are feeling right now and what are you thinking right now. We have just been on this amazing journey together and I want to know”, I said reassuringly.

Sasha and I were introduced by a mutual friend and we jumped on an introduction call on Thursday 21st Oct to get to know each other. Sasha is a start-up founder who is working to bring university students and businesses closer together so that they can find and work with each other easily. At the start of the call Sasha shared that she wants to start a podcast to share the stories of people, but she was not clear on what the podcast was going to be about and whom it would serve. I offered to help Sasha gain clarity and after talking for over an hour Sasha was overwhelmed by the emotions because of the breakthrough that she made.

“I have been working hard to build my business and I want to start this podcast, but I was not sure how I would do it. Everyone around me told me that it wouldn’t work out and that I am wasting my time. Even my family didn’t believe in me. Now I think I can do it! I am just really emotional right now. I’m sorry!”

“There is no need to apologise Sasha! We are all human. We need to remember that. You have just been on a powerful journey and you made a powerful breakthrough. You need to stay with this. How will you be able to help others and give them hope if you don’t go through this right now? How will be able to show others how they can overcome doubt and fear if you did not overcome them yourself? How will you tell others how to find their way when they are lost if you get lost and find your way first? How will you motivate others if you don’t figure out a way to motivate yourself? How will you show others how to take action if you don’t take action yourself? All of this is part of the journey and the experience. You need to go through this yourself before you can help others with the same. This what it means to be human”, I explained.

“Yes, you are right!”, Sasha responded.

“I came on this call just to get to know you, and to see how I could help you. I didn’t talk about myself, or my book and I didn’t pitch you anything. My entire focus was on you and to see how I could help you because I believe that we need to build people. There are already a lot of products and services and solutions in the world, we don’t necessarily need to build more of those. We need to build people so they can go out, make a big impact and make this world a better place. This is bigger than you. There are a lot of people out there waiting for Sasha to come and help them. This is about them!”

“That’s very true!”, Sasha exclaimed.

“Exactly! So don’t worry about what other people think and don’t let small bumps stop you. Think about all the people who are waiting for your help. Show up and serve them powerfully and give them an amazing experience. Connect with them not at a professional level, but at a human level. This is what’s really missing. We need to connect at a human level and build relationships, not inventories, portfolios and businesses. They are a by-product of relationships. Care, Value and Service are what really matter.”

“I completely agree!”, Sasha replied.

Do you agree?

Are you focused on building people?

Do you connect with people at a professional level or at a human level?

Are Care, Value and Service your highest ideals?

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