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Subtitle: How to Go From Jobless to Building Relationships with Super Achievers


Are you absolutely satisfied with where you are in life?

Do you want to create more opportunities for yourself and attract more positive people?

Are you surrounded by super successful people who help, support, advice, challenge, mentor, encourage and motivate you?

At one point in Tallal's life, he was jobless, struggling to find his way. By following the strategies in his book, he learned how to connect with Super Achievers and achieve his goals in life. This book will help you learn how to go from Jobless to Building Relationships with Super Achievers so that you can create the life of your dreams.

Since embarking on his journey, Tallal has interviewed Super Achievers, including Corey Poirier, Gene McNaughton Dorie Clark and Don Wettrick. Tallal has also been featured, multiple times, on The Mentee podcast (one of the top Business podcasts on iTunes) and featured in The Book of Public Speaking by Corey Poirier (International Bestselling Author and multiple times TEDx speaker) and also on Corey’s radio podcast Get Paid to Speak. 

In ‘Turbocharged Networking’, Tallal outlines the key lessons and insights that he learned on his journey. What makes ‘Turbocharged Networking’ different is the focus on getting started. Building relationships with strangers can be a daunting task, but Tallal breaks this down to simple steps and includes exclusive networking tips from the many Super Achievers he now calls friends.

In this book you will learn:

  • The 7 ‘Golden Rules’ of Networking to make every interaction a successful one

  • The 1 ‘Magic’ Question that instantly builds rapport and allows you to connect with literally anyone

  • How to identify and find and the Super Achievers in your area/field/industry

  • How to strategically connect with the Super Achievers and start the initial conversation by leveraging social media

  • How to prepare and network successfully at formal, informal and virtual events

  • Why building and leveraging a platform is so powerful for Networking 

  • The ‘Unorthodox’ approach that can be more successful than the standard networking strategies

  • The Networking strategy with a nearly 100% success rate

  • Practical advice for staying in touch and maintaining your network

  • TurboCharged Networking insights from Super Achievers (see Contributing Authors section below)

“Life is a people business, where instead of transactions we have interactions and the currency of exchange is mutual respect, kind words and a smile.” Tallal Gondal (Author)



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Corey Poirier

Don Wettrick

Brian Benson

Dorie Clark

Michael Roderick

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Kelly Falardeau

Cindy J Cadet

Clement McGrath

Samba Schutte

Neal Phalora

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Kai Whiting

Sue DeCaro

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Gene McNaughton

Caroline Guntur

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Yvonne Dyson

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Travis Bergren

Catherine B Roy

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Arayeh Norouzi

William Kelley


Robert Murray


#1 International Bestseller - TurboChargedBook

Tallal Gondal

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Tallal is the author of ‘TurboCharged Networking’ book, which shares the message that Care, Value and Service are the 3 key elements to building human connection and human connection is critical to networking and building authentic long-term relationships. Tallal is also a speaker and his mission is to help people cultivate the mindset and develop the skillset to become world class networkers.

Tallal has been featured on multiple podcasts, including The Mentee podcast (one of the top Business podcasts on iTunes) and Tallal was the finalist for hosting Season 3 of The Mentee. Tallal was also featured in The Book of Public Speaking by Corey Poirier (International Bestselling author and multiple times TEDx speaker) and also on Corey’s radio podcast Get Paid to Speak. Tallal had the honour of speaking at the bLU Talks Amplify Your Message event in December 2020, alongside top influencers, leaders and experts in their respective fields.

Tallal has served as the Vice President of Public Relations and Vice President of Education for Leicester Leaders Speakers – Toastmasters International.

Tallal’s super passions are building relationship equity, creating holistic success and cultivating a savage mindset. Tallal is also a Maths Lecturer, a Boxing Coach and enjoys reading non-fiction and watching UFC. He also loves going to the gym, driving fast cars and has an unhealthy relationship with protein shakes. Tallal lives in England, UK, with his wife, 2 kids and 2 cats.

You can reach Tallal directly at:


LinkedIn: @tallal.gondal

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"When Tallal moves, join him or get out of the way!”

Yvonne Dyson Holistic Therapist

“Tallal initially started off as a client of mine. Our business relationship became a sort of Mentor-Mentee relationship as I was looking to expand my business. His clear instructions and advice were fantastic. His constant enthusiasm and passion to help shape someone to be the best was inspiring to say the least. It’s no wonder he wrote a book which could become a Bestseller. Clear and concise details on how to build and maintain relationships and get forward in business, it’s a fantastic read. I definitely recommend TurboCharged Networking.”

Adnan Khan Islamic Finance Coach 

"Excellent book from an excellent coach who has helped me improve the way I approach and manage my own business. It's not just a book but a practical guide that helps you rethink/rearrange your networking mindset. You'll find it easy to read and digest with thought provoking questions to guide you; helping you to understand not just how, but why you should take certain steps to achieving your goals. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur/CEO/Director, this book will do you a lot of good!"

Andrea Thani Director of Sportsie Sanctum

“It is almost impossible to advance in life and business without having a wholesome community. However, it can sometimes be difficult to network and expand one’s circle, especially if we do not know the ins and outs of networking. Turbocharged Networking is an easy-to-follow and practical guide for anyone who wants to network consciously and thrive in business and life while contributing to the betterment of the world as a collective.”

Dr. Arayeh Norouzi Mindful Living and Conscious Parenting Coach

“I have had the pleasure of having consultations with Tallal and have found each one very rewarding. I usually have a list of ideas on which direction to take my business, but Tallal collates the ideas and forms a simple clear set of objectives to work towards to ensure those targets have direction and are met. After consulting with Tallal, I have the clouds removed and a few new gears I didn’t know I had. After reading an extract from the book, it reads like having Tallal there giving you the new ideas, the motivation and direction to take things further.”

Dale Mason Founder at Beardo Weirdo

“I'd describe my first meeting with Tallal as being given an injection of 100% positive energy. I'd challenge anyone to spend an hour in his company and not feel inspired. I was particularly drawn to his high energy and enthusiasm. I'd absolutely recommend Tallal as a motivational coach and can't wait to get my hands on his soon to be published book "Turbocharged Networking.”

Tony Mendez

“Tallal’s mindset is so clear, he can elucidate complex relationships and break them down into simple easy to understand chunks. His knowledge in the world of networking is superb and his desire to always be improving is to be admired. He helped me understand the benefits of different relationships and has put me on a path to improve the ones I have and the ones I want to have in the future.”

Jamie Patel   Treasurer at Leicester Leaders Speakers

For any inquiries, please contact Tallal

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